Checking Your Understanding

Checking Your Understanding

Now that we are the end of the Sequences section, try and answer the questions below. 

Sequencing: Exercise 1

Look at the Scratch code below.

How many times will the Cat pause before moving again? What are the total number of steps that the Cat will move?

Sequencing: Exercise 2

Now, the Scratch code is changed to this:

What will happen when the stack of blocks is clicked? Will the Cat move to the right, then the left, the right and the left again? Or will the Cat appear to not move at all?

Sequencing: Exercise 3

You ask a friend to explain how the Cat moves around the canvas when it follows a stack of Scratch blocks. This is the program:

The friend explains that, when the top of the stack of blocks is clicked, the Cat will:

Move to the right, wait for a couple of seconds, then move up a bit. It will wait again for a couple of seconds, then move to the left. It will wait again and finally move back down to where it was at the start.

Is this explanation correct?

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