Adding Sound

Now, instead of using wait blocks, we are going to play a drum each time the Cat moves.

The different Sound blocks work in different ways. For example, create another stack of blocks, separate to your other blocks, that looks like this:

Click on the stack of blocks and you should hear one "meow" sound - although you might have expected two. The play sound block is like the move steps block - there is no pause between them.

To hear two meows you could change the stack of blocks to this instead:

Instead of making the Cat meow, however, we are going to play a drum every time the Cat moves. To do this, we will change our stack of blocks that make the Cat move back and forwards to this:

Note that, instead of using the wait block after the Cat moves to the right, we can play a drum and the Cat will wait until that drum noise has finished before moving back to the left.

In the next activity, we will look at how we can make the Cat repeat this dance over and over again.

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